Harm and benefits of sex during pregnancy

Harm and benefits of sex during pregnancy
 Many couples during pregnancy there is a certain imbalance in intimate relationships. Usually this is due to limitations in sex, which causes increasingly fear in any way harm the child a sense of immorality and sex.

Most experts say that sex during pregnancy is not only possible but also necessary. If the pregnancy is uncomplicated, it does not threaten the health of the fetus nor nor his mother. The child is protected with a thick layer of the muscular wall of the uterus and amniotic fluid mute all vibrations.

Contained the same in male sperm prostaglandins in contact with the vagina contribute to softening of the cervix. In addition, the reduction of its benefit to the child of his similarity with birth pangs.

Due to changes in physiological nature (narrowing of the vagina, clitoris and increase blood flow to the pelvis) during pregnancy, women can have more fun and achieve more vivid orgasm than before.

There are a number of contraindications sex during pregnancy. These include spotting, cramping abdominal, low location of the placenta, the threat of termination of pregnancy or multiple pregnancy. It is not recommended to have sex if the woman had previously premature birth, miscarriage, or she suffers from leaking amniotic fluid.

Unwanted pregnancy is oral sex with stimulation of the vulva (cunnilingus). Thus it is possible to drive air into the vagina, causing embolism. This can be fatal for the mother and for the unborn baby. And of course, you should not have sex with the carriers of infectious diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. In many cases, a child can become infected with this disease during its passage through the birth canal.

Usually during the first trimester of pregnancy for most women there is a decrease in sexual activity against the general deterioration of health. In the second trimester there is an exacerbation of desire. This period is considered the most favorable for intimacy. Comfortable poses here are lateral, sessile or rear position.

In recent months, women have a greater sexual appetite. This occurs under the influence of growing in this time of circulation in the pelvic area, which stimulates the genitals. But that's when couples are most afraid of making love, believing that orgasm can expedite delivery.

Sometimes doctors recommend to give themselves in the last trimester of intimate relationships. Especially not recommended here missionary position. This is due to the chance of premature rupture of membranes or preterm delivery. Optimal posture at this time is the position of women on the side, or kneeling.

In the normal course of pregnancy, in the absence of contraindications and faithful compliance posture, make love possible and useful. At any changes that cause you trouble (pain, bleeding after intercourse, wall stress of the uterus), you should immediately consult a doctor.

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