Sex in the absence of love. Pros and cons

Sex in the absence of love. Pros and cons
 Community women and men consists of three components - love, sex and friendship. Ideally, the ratio - is a kind of a cocktail of these components are only mixed in different ppopoptsiyu. Sometimes it happens that there is one ingredient, but others do not. For example, sex without love.

Everyone has their own personal vision, whether it is right, when there is sex, but not love. Love - is an expression of the human instinct of procreation. Judging from the definition of love must always be accompanied by sex. But not a secret that this condition is not necessary. To understand the nature of this question, consider the pros and cons.

Pros. To understand this situation, move the example of life. You're just starting to meet with a young man. Everything's just wonderful, it's romantic, interesting, witty, etc. But love still there is only sympathy. Every day you start to think more about what he in bed. In addition, sex you have not had. In the end, the desire takes over, and you spend a great night with him. As a conclusion we can say that sex without love - it is possible to obtain what has long wanted, thus, do not need to commit. We must not forget that sex - a great tool discharge. Furthermore, it is also useful. So do not deny yourself in it.

Cons. Sex with someone you love is always nice. No one passion during sex with unloved man. In addition, sex without love makes all the more modest in terms of emotions. Sometimes during sex and after many feel that something is missing. Many long regret if doing it without love.
We must not forget that sex without love is able to destroy the friendship. In most cases, if it occurs between friends, the next day they do not even know what to say to each other. Though, and friendship is still there, but this is far from what it was before.
In recent years, more and more practiced having sex (without love, of course) in order to achieve some personal interests. But, despite all the cons, sex in the absence of love has the right to life.

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