Erotic massage techniques

Erotic massage techniques
 Massage - a wonderful way to help your loved relax after work, zybat problems and business issues. Add a drop of sensuality - and the movement of your hands will turn into an erotic game exciting unprecedented passion. This prelude certainly give a man a lot of bright sensations and emotions.  
 The right atmosphere - the key to success. Dim the lights or turn it off altogether, light the candles. In aromalampu add a few drops of essential oil of patchouli, ylang-ylang, lavender or lemon. These odors are not in vain considered natural aphrodisiacs. They increase the libido and sexual desire.

Best place for a massage - the floor. Spread a soft blanket or blanket under his head beloved put a towel. Your clothes should be comfortable enough and does not restrict movement. Suit kimono spacious, airy shirt or even full nudity. During the massage, do not forget to use a special tool - oil or lotion. Try to relax as much as possible - after all your tension and will be transferred to the partner.

Stroking - a basic element of any massage. This technique allows you to soothe the skin and prepare it for more intense movements. Gently slide your palms down from the shoulders to the waist, then start the reverse movement, this time in contact with the skin beloved back of the hand. Option for most uninhibited - stroking the chest.

The following method - rubbing. This movement can be performed as palm and fingertips. Pressure must be greater than during stroking, but without pressure. Your hand is not just glides over the skin, but it moves a little. Thanks to rubbing, improves blood circulation, blood vessels dilate, and the skin is saturated with oxygen.

When you see that your partner enough to relax, go to tingle. Follow their thumb and forefinger, gently grabbing and pulling her skin. This technique is particularly effective in the area of ​​the forearms and thighs and buttocks.

Abdominal massage is able to deliver a man a real pleasure. Because the skin in this place is very sensitive, and the proximity of the main erogenous zone adds piquancy. Please note, your movements should be very light, almost weightless. Stroke belly men in a circular motion, moving his hands in a clockwise direction. Then go to the vertical motions with your fingertips by drawing a line from the chest to the groin area.

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