7 ways to become a sex goddess

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 Seduce a man easily enough. But driving him crazy every night is somewhat more complicated. What is happening in your bed is of great importance for the development of a successful relationship, because great sex - they are an essential element. How did manage to keep the passion and desire, and in spite of the life and family chores, always remain a sex goddess?  

Love your body. True sexuality is only possible when a woman is fully satisfied with their own appearance. However, a rare representative of the fair sex does not find shortcomings, looking at herself in the mirror. Do not be a victim of stereotypes imposed by glossy magazines! After all, in spite of everything, the beloved chose you. Although exercise and daily care will not prevent anybody.

Think about sex. Women are constantly concerned about solving day to day issues: household chores, child care, family problems. But thinking about the intimate side of the relationship and erotic fantasies no time left. Sexologists claim that the desire and passion are born in my head, so pushing the thought of sex on the back burner, and in reality you are experiencing decreased libido. Try to think about "this" 5 minutes every hour. Most likely, the meeting with the favorite after work will long be remembered to you both.

Intriguing. To your man and flew home on the wings of passion, often reminds him of what is to come in the evening. Candid sms and emails very personal nature, sent to his e-mail, make your strong half to forget about everything, anticipating great sex. This will help get rid of the routine in the intimate life and bring that spark, which is inherent in the first months of relations.

Take the initiative. Not necessarily a prelude to start only once in bed. Sitting at the dinner pat his leg of his passing by - kiss collarbone or lightly bite his earlobe. Do not wait for an invitation to the bedroom, it is better pull the favorite there yourself and undress, covering the body with kisses.

Wear lace. Cotton panties - this, of course, convenient and practical. However, there is nothing sexy! A woman in a lingerie may look cozy and homey, but is unlikely to cause a burning desire. Get a couple of sets of openwork silk or linen with tiny thong and garter. Periodically wear them right under house costume. Finding changes favorite will be delighted. If you experience discomfort and inconvenience, it is better to completely abandon underwear at home. This option is like a man no less.

Do gymnastics. Intimate muscles training, you will learn how to deliver unprecedented partner pleasure. Most importantly, you can perform simple exercises anywhere: while working or cooking dinner. Tense and relax the muscles of the vagina at a different pace. Start with a quick, sharp cuts and then go to the slower and more gradual.

Spend a master class. Sure, the sex goddess can only be called the woman who not only knows how to give pleasure in bed, but she enjoys the process. However, the man explained how and where you need to caress, to bring to orgasm, it is not easy. The best way - to show how to do it yourself. Your looseness will be appreciated!

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