Women's hats today

Women's hats today
 If before the ladies wore hats to protect the head from the sun, now hats have become a great fashion accessories, which complements the selected image. From time to time fashion as it makes a great leap backward, resulting in becoming popular things that were for a long time. That's women's hats today, things also.
 Wide-brimmed hats for women who were in the distant seventies, again reminded of themselves. These hats are sure to attract attention in the crowd to their owners, but also help to hide his face from pesky paparazzi views if necessary. Hat with a wide brim - a great accessory for the stylish brave women who know their value and are able to apply themselves. Fields can be well very broad, but still you should not overdo it.

These hats in the year 2012. presented a variety of styles: this straight and curved, and round the field, and even square. Crown may be low, high. And I must say that the wide-hats can and should be not only on the beach. In street style is appropriate to use them, too, and reach the highest light in a hat - it is fashionable today. It is worth noting as cowboy hats, white, with curved margins. They are ideal for evening dress.

Trilby hats, unlike wide-, aristocratic, they are more suitable for those who prefer discreet but eloquent elegance. Classic Trilby easily recognizable thanks to Tuglie with quite noticeable dent in the front, as well as a narrow ribbon with a small bow on the left. The fields in these hats are very small. Although creative designers often are carried away from the classics and the world is extravagant hats. In other matters, it is not Trilby, but simply something similar. Interestingly, by the way, that these purely men's hats so well now emphasize femininity.

And you watched American gangster movies of the early twentieth century? These cigars, luxury suites with needles, machines Thompson. And remember, what sort of hat worn by gangsters of the time? They were entwined with ribbon hats and having three characteristic dents in Tuglie - to the left, top and right.

Little gangster charm, according to the designers, really does not hurt and ladies. Fedora (or Borsalino - on behalf of the company, which in the age of "dry" law produced hats) - a trendy, stylish hats. Classic Fedora are made of felt, like many years ago. But in the hot and straw mats are options.

Those ladies who prefer femininity and softness, it is advisable to try to cap his own image in the style of retro Cloche with the characteristic shape of a bell. They were incredibly popular in the 1920s.

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