What should be the bride's bouquet

What should be the bride's bouquet
 Wedding - is one of the most wonderful events in our lives. When it takes a lot of planning, effort and nerves. In order to secure a spiritual balance, you need to plan every detail.

Bridal bouquet is one of the most important elements of ceremonial dress. It shows all the tenderness, femininity bride and her love for her husband.

When choosing a bouquet for a wedding should focus on the many factors such as:

- The figure of the bride;
- Color, material and style of dress;
- The tastes of the bride;
- The possibility of allergy to a particular smell;
- Colors should be combined with the scent of perfume celebration of the main character, not to be harsh, but rather soft and fresh.

You should begin with the choice of flowers in the bride's bouquet. Traditionally prefer roses. More extravagant options - a lily me-nots, tulips, irises and others. Do not think that this is impractical or unethical. Colors look great, if chosen correctly. Avoid using dahlias and hyacinths. At the request of the bride can use wild flowers that look perfectly in various combinations.

For the bride who wants to emphasize its tenderness, purity and youth, choose the colors pale pink, white, peach color. Delicate pink and looks very noble and impressive.

We must not forget that the bride with a bouquet hold a large amount of time, you need to discuss with the florist and this fact. Bouquet should be easy, convenient and secure enough water flowers. It is best to give preference bouquet on portbuketnitse. Flowers are placed in a special water sponge that retains the freshness of flowers. These wedding bouquets do not need to put in the water to keep track of a special pen, which is decorated with ribbon, as a rule, the color of the dress.

It is now becoming particularly popular combination of white and red roses, emphasizing brightness nature of the bride. This bouquet is perfect if there are elements in the dress of the desired color. We should not forget about the shape of the bouquet. Traditionally, the bride's bouquet round, smooth. But it is also possible options of colors, made up as waterfalls, as scepters, or other compositions. The choice of form determines the shape of the bride, these items are usually negotiated with your chosen florist you want to show your dress (photo), and describe in detail the overall style of the wedding.

Not to worry about the bouquet, prefer an experienced florist, discuss the date of the order and be sure to remind myself the day before the deadline for submission. And your wedding will take place without unnecessary emotions.

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