Watches Chanel: Fashion passes, style remains

Watches Chanel: Fashion passes, style remains
 Chanel remains a legend in the fashion world. This name has long been more than a fashion brand is synonymous with absolute style and elegance. No less than the famous little black dress, valued and accessories from Chanel, such as a wristwatch.
 Coco Chanel fashion house started to produce its line of watches in 1987 and almost immediately found its niche in the production of luxury accessories. Elegance and individuality inherent in clothes of this brand, and spread on this subject. Chanel watch from the conform to the trend of world fashion and carried a unique style of the legendary Coco.

Watches made of precious metals or alloys are decorated with precious stones, pearls, enamel and pearl covered. Because they are produced in collaboration with the Swiss watchmaker, they differ in quality improvement. For example, used the expensive sapphire crystal that is resistant to external influences. At all hours of the supposed international warranty for 2 years. Each product has a unique number.

Watches Premier refer to several classic spirits Chanel № 5. Their body is somewhat reminiscent of a bottle of spirits, and the bracelet is made in the form of a chain of several leather straps. This model impresses with its refinement and femininity.

Hours Mademoiselle made in the style of the thirties of the 20th century. Large square-shaped body, the Roman numerals. These hours can select multiple straps, depending on the taste of the owner - of pearls and gold thread, to metal and leather.

Corporate reception house Chanel - quilting - reflected in the establishment of hours. Bracelet for hours Matelassee was invented a special motive - it collected from the diamond-shaped loops.

Chanel did not escape their attention and sports fashion. Watches J12 - male model, which is made of modern materials such as high-tech ceramics and rubber.

In the early 21 th century house Chanel chose a prototype for their jewelry timepieces. They became the camellia, which was the favorite flower of Coco.

All products are made in the fashion house of one overall color scheme - black and white. This is a distinctive feature of products of this brand.

Not only diamonds are forever, accessories from fashion houses also live very long. After all, they are not subject to fashion. They - you are it.

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