Vintage Perfume: how to choose and where to buy

Vintage Perfume: how to choose and where to buy
 Vintage perfume - perfume, which were released in the first half of the last century. While almost all perfume compositions were prepared from natural flavors, until the end of the 30s did not appear "Chanel №5». It includes a vintage perfume and later model years, which for some reason were taken out of production, but the flavor of which is still of concern to many lovers, and conservatism and status. Spirits who have their own history, women are ready to buy today.

It is believed that perfume compositions - quite a fragile thing and is not subject to long-term storage. But it is not - if provided with the right conditions, it does not spoil the ancient perfumes and retains its original version smell, especially if the vial is kept in the sealed package. Thanks to its high-quality natural ingredients - amber, musk, perfume perfectly preserved. Alcohol may be slightly out of steam, but that their concentration will only intensify.

Buying vintage perfume with your favorite scent, be sure to check how tight glass stopper. We really old and rare spirits, it is often filled with wax, which guarantees their safety, completely blocking the access of air. The fact that the spirits are kept in good condition, to say the absence of sediment and clear liquid. Check the condition of the box, if there is one - if the color is not burned, then it was kept by the rules - in a dark place.

As in the west vintage perfumes are not in demand, the price for it is relatively small. On the Internet, you can sometimes buy a bottle of old perfume for $ 10, and at the flea market and very cheap.

There are departments of vintage perfumes and even entire stores, but most often it is offered online auctions, such as American or English "E-bay». They are spirits in perfect condition can be purchased for $ 10-15. Perfume, which belongs to the category of rare or collectible will cost more - up to $ 150-250. There are, of course, more expensive designs, but they tend to be large volume, which causes the price. Vintage perfume can be purchased from online stores, each of which has a special department of the perfume.

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