Strap in color suit

Strap in color suit
 Belt can be a part of the business of the classic suit and serve for practical purposes, and may be such that it does not even immediately suspected representative of the family of these accessories. Freedom of choice strap female costume is just awesome.
 However, the selection of women's belts - not an easy task. For men, it's simple: the belt should be combined with shoes, briefcases, be of approximately the same skin and have the same color. But women's thongs are so varied in color, shapes and styles, these simple rules are not always suitable even for a business suit.

Female belt - a special accessory that can be very beneficial to emphasize the positive qualities of the figure, complete style, becoming its important part. But poorly chosen or not attached to those things, this accessory may expose figure flaws. It is important to combine it, then he can become a real highlight of your image.

If the belt is used for classical or formal suit, it usually works best rule of thumb is to pick up a shoe and handbag. Is also allowed to match the style, and shoes and handbag is a separate ensemble.

For different types of clothing use different belts. For example, the jeans at the hips good average width, genuine leather, a large buckle. If you plan to wear a belt at the waist, it is usually better to look thinner model. Accessories purchased for a specific dress or costumes can be quite arbitrary, as long as they match the style to the correct things.

Considered universal belt made of genuine leather medium soft, not too wide nor narrow, classical type. It will look great with most pants and almost all jeans. Such a thing to have in your wardrobe is necessary, perhaps, to every woman.

The important point for women's belt is that it should not be too functional. If men he usually does support pants, the women's pants should sit well on the figure and without any additional devices. When the belt is worn with the skirt, this is particularly important. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but in general, it is worth it to stick.

Pay attention to the metal fittings on the belt. It should fit the style of the rest of the costume. If you wear large jewelry, even if it goes well with the buckle.

And most importantly, do not be afraid to break the rules, if you really feel that this combination will look perfectly.

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