Satellites autumn: scarves, shawls and scarves

Satellites autumn: scarves, shawls and scarves
 Autumn - a great excuse to flaunt a new scarf or shawl, the more that the designers offer a lot of attractive variations. Sometimes even a scarf replaces the upper clothing or headgear.
 With these accessories, you can dramatically change its image. Moreover, by changing them, even the same coat can be interesting to look throughout the autumn or winter.

Shawls and scarves large, even huge size - one of the fashion trends. Caught a wide belt, warm scarf can dress instead of a light jacket or coat - really interesting solution. No less original in this role looks warm bandanna.

The unusual shape also in vogue. The edge of the scarf can be torn or trimmed ruffles. Select the original model, and you can not go wrong. With such a scarf you will become a real princess, decoration gray city streets and roads.

And popular products from exotic materials, such as fur fox or sable. Yes, not boas, namely fur scarves are well positioned to fashion shows. They are unusual, stylish, expensive and solidly. It's the perfect way to complement the strictly classical coat and diversify your everyday wardrobe.

Those who are not a fan of fur in clothing designers offer scarves of other materials with an animal print. It's not just about forever trendy "leopard", but also about things patterned snake or crocodile skin, as well as coloring "under the giraffe." Equally popular knitted scarves, but not coarse knit and fine - smooth and elegant.

Still in fashion jewelry such traditional shawls and scarves as fringe and tassels. And the most daring fashionistas can buy scarves, the edges of which will decorate beads or amusing figures.

Bright colors - another highlight. Emerald green, purple, orange or purple - are ideal for continuous-tone accessories. And if you want a real holiday, you can decorate a thing, which combines all the colors of a rainbow of colors.

By the way, scarves can decorate not only the robe. They perfectly harmonize with cocktail dresses, shirts and jackets business. This solution allows you to create a bright and attractive images.

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