Pink color: Romanticism or infantilism?

Pink color: Romanticism or infantilism?
 Pink color is one of the most controversial. The variety of colors makes it impossible to determine the color as soon as warm or extremely sharp, cold. By itself, it is a mixture of different colors, so to determine the tastes of the person who prefers pink problematic.
 The term "infantile" pink was awarded due to sustained expression about the notorious "rose-colored glasses" - a symbol of escape from reality, immaturity. But, at the same time, the color pink is able to balance the emotions and calm - in a pink dress and sets dress little girls are different from boys' greater sensitivity. Another pink color symbolizes romance and love, as the symbol of innocence, rebirth and renewal.

When choosing clothes in such a complex range of colors people guided by their feelings - someone hates him, and someone is trying to identify in each ensemble of belonging to the world of dreams and romance. Men think pink frankly "girly", but this does not prevent them from wearing a pale pink shirt complete with a gray office suit. The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing always cause conflicting emotions - tenderness and irritation, the desire to protect and barely contained grin.

It all depends on shades of pink, which is a huge number. If you are able to intuitively feel the most successful combination, no one will accuse you to the immaturity, or worse, in excessive romanticism. All the rest have to find your way through trial and error, often offensive and unexpected - bright acidic ties, light crimson jackets, juicy pink pants, etc.

There is one universal rule - the weaker the color pink and the more impurities it contains, the more likely it is that the combination will be successful. Ambivalent about the pink color was and always will be, but diluted shades can just ignore, but the flashy colors will be annoying.

The most successful combinations that emphasize finesse and tenderness of color - pink with white, pale blue, pearl gray.

Pink color is always sensual, even when he neon shining, so it always affects the power of the person - how can scare and attract. It is often used in their collections fashion underwear - an inexhaustible potential romantic color stimulant effect.

Using the pink color in clothes, you should always take into account tsvetotip - light shades of skin, hair and eyes look to him the most profitable.

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