How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie
 Tie is an integral part of the official costume. Properly selected and correctly tied, it is considered a symbol of respectability. However, stylists offer to play with this accessory and add it in is not the classic model of women's and men's clothing.  
 Node "Pratt" ideal to the jacket, which has a narrow gate. Tie it pretty simple. To do this, place the narrow end of the tie over a wide, whereupon the latter end of the lift up to the neck. Then lower it down and move to the back side so that he was behind the neck node.

Spend a wide end of the tie to the right front side, then pull it under the knot. Through the front knot miss the wide end of the tie, now pull it down and carefully tighten. All node "Pratt" ready.

For the shirt collar which has a standard best fit so-called "quarter" node, which is fastened as follows: the wide end of the tie under the narrow place so that it was slightly longer. Then pass it under the narrow right and spend face to the left.

Miss the wide end between the collar shirt and tie and pull it up. End pass through its front portion, the assembly must be held by hand. Knot tighten, lifting it and pulling down a narrow part of the tie.

Quite a popular assembly - the so-called "Windsor", which will look good on a shirt with a wide collar. And despite the fact that it is more difficult to engage in comparison with other nodes, it looks very stylish.

So, over the narrow end of the tie put it wide end, with several narrow shorten. Then skip between the collar and the wide end of the tie, and then lower it and spend a tie to the left.

The wide end of the tie between himself again miss the tie and shirt collar and front side pull it from left to right, and then under the node. It remains only to bring it down through the knot and tighten the front. Node "Windsor" is ready.

There are more than a simple variation of it, namely "Polivindzor." In order to tie a knot, you need a wide end of the tie placed above a narrow, truncated at the narrow end. After that, under the narrow end to miss the wide end of the tie, lift and stretch it between the collar and the tie itself, pull down and hold the right face. Then, under the knot to hold the front end through the knot and pull down. Tie tied.

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