How to choose wedding bouquet for the bride

How to choose wedding bouquet for the bride
 The bride was really compelling, her wedding dress and all accessories must be carefully chosen in advance. Including those relating to it and a wedding bouquet, the choice of which should not be delayed just one day wedding celebration.
 Bridal bouquet should match the style of the bride, her tsvetotipu, hairstyles, makeup and manicure, complement the wedding dress and the approach to its color and style. It is desirable to match the style and the wedding itself.

As to the form of bouquets, the most common of these are considered to be round and cascading options that are best combined with romantic wedding dresses. Round bouquets are generally made in portbuketnitse inside which there is a special material that retains moisture and makes it possible not to be fresh flowers one day.

Cascading bouquets in composition to which are added curly flowers with long stems, very advantageous look in the hands of tall girls. However, this bouquet is not intended to throw his girlfriend, so in addition to the need bouquet understudy.

If the wedding ceremony the bride will be wearing a dress straight cut or trouser suit, it is best to give her preference for the so-called bouquet-scepter, which consists of flowers with long straight stems, tied with a ribbon. The disadvantages of such bouquets include the fact that if the flowers were not fresh or in a room where the wedding is too hot - it can quickly fade.

By extravagant outfits you can pick up a very original versions of bouquets. For example, it may be a bouquet in the shape of a ball or handbag, bracelet bouquet (a small, fixed on the wrist) or quite expensive, but beautiful glameli.

It should be taken into account in the choice of the bouquet and its practicality. Since it is a jewel that accompanies the bride wedding all, first of all, should take care of that it was quite easy and convenient. For the same reason for its design should give preference to the colors that are not too sharp flavor.

Do not forget also about the tradition of throwing the bouquet, for which today is most often used bouquet understudy, as many brides want to preserve your bridal bouquet as a keepsake. As a rule, the doubler is as close to this bridal bouquet.

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