How to choose glasses

How to choose glasses
 Points do not just comfortable vision, but also an important part of the image, especially today. Some ophthalmologists professional advice can help women to choose the right glasses.
 Points faithfully serve humanity for over eight centuries, allowing people with poor eyesight to live a full life. When you select this optical device requires an individual approach, taking into account not only the features of view, but also the anatomy of the face.

In the glasses should be comfortable: they are in any case should not fall down, put pressure on the nose and temples. Necessary to determine the individual type of person. For those who have it widely, glasses are ideal rectangular shape. For the female with the face shape most suitable bright frame with a low bridge.

But chubby women need to "pull" the face. To do this, fit glasses with large temples, rectangular or more pointed shape.

For those who like a person narrows to a small chin is required to smooth the difference between the volume top and narrow bottom. They need rectangular glasses with rounded edges.

Woman with perfect oval face shape will suit any setting. Here you can experiment, giving free rein to their imagination.

Women suffering from hyperopia, glasses will bring together visual eye. In this case it is necessary to identify the inner corner of the eye light shadows, black pencil draw arrows and apply a little mascara. But, keep in mind that makeup is not to be too bright.

Myopic women can be painted brightly. On the eyelid, apply light shadows and dark - draw the fold. You can add a drop of shine on the eyelid.

The lion's share of information we receive through vision. Nature endowed us with the ability to see, but often the eyes need help. A well-chosen points clear vision returned, relieve fatigue and eyestrain, making life really comfortable!

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