Evolution hair accessories

Evolution hair accessories
 Hair - an attribute of female beauty. Girls try to decorate them through a variety of accessories - headbands, bows, hair clips and even precious stones. This is true not only at the present time, the women of the past centuries have also tried to decorate their hairstyles.
 Women of ancient Greece were very stately, graceful and slender. Their beauty has inspired many creative people, such as sculptors and painters. Naturally, the girls have always tried to look irresistible. They are woven into a pony satin ribbons adorn the head diadems or wreaths of flowers and herbs.

By istechenib several hundred years people almost forgot about the accessories like tiara. It was only in the 50s of XX century it again gained its popularity. This accessory was used for decorating wedding hairstyles, because jewelers have worked on glory, adorning it with precious and semiprecious stones. Currently, there is a huge variety of different crowns, which can not only decorate a wedding hairstyle, but also casual styling.

Women of Ancient Rus prefer to decorate the head with a hoop made from tree bark. To give it originality, master trimmed it with a cloth, decorated with pearls, beads and even flowers.

Modern accessory differs from its counterpart. The hoop is made of plastic, metal, rubber. For decorations using skin tissue, stones and even weight for sculpting. It can be worn not only to get rid of the chaos on the head, but also for decoration festive attire. For example, the American actress Paris Hilton wears hoop even swimwear, not to mention the evening dresses.

Japanese women a few years ago to decorate the hair started to use the so-called kanzashi that are very similar to modern pin. Initially, these accessories are a secret weapon mercenary, but eventually they found a place in the boudoirs of women. Currently, these accessories decorate the various elements, such as colors, made of satin ribbons.

In the XVIII century became fashionable ribbon laces and flowers. They are decorated with loose curls. For the first time the option of laying made Duchess of Shrewsbury, she appeared in such a manner in front of Louis XIV at Versailles. Now women also adorn these hair accessories, which over time became more refined.

Modern girls are trying to give the original hairstyle by various accessories they use for this flower, headbands, combs, hairpins. But all these things have come to us from the past!

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