Choose a beautiful and high-quality umbrella

Choose a beautiful and high-quality umbrella
 Umbrella - it is not only the subject goods, without which go out in the pouring rain. It is also an accessory that emphasizes your own style and personality. Therefore, an umbrella should be not only qualitative, but also beautiful.

When choosing an umbrella note the frame. This is his base. It must be durable and strong. Cheap low-quality umbrellas are usually made of soft metal or plastic, they can not withstand the load and quickly break down. However, this does not apply to children's umbrella. Their frame is made of plastic for safety.

Spokes must have a special coating to protect them from further corrosion. Qualitative zones when opening forms a smooth symmetrical dome. The strength of the umbrella provides mounting spokes in the groove - it should be pointing up. This umbrella will not bend with strong gusts of wind and is quite flexible.

The more spokes in the frame accessory, the stronger the structure. Umbrellas usually consist of eight lobes and spokes, but there may be ten. In this set of spokes Some models are equipped men's umbrellas.

When choosing an umbrella note the strength of the attachment of the spokes to the fabric dome. No clearance should not be visible holes, joints shall be solid and smooth, and the spokes - secured in several places. Rivet should be firmly sewn.

Awnings can be made of different fabrics. The most common are polyester and satin. The latter has a special impregnation, through which water flows well with the dome. Furthermore, the umbrella can be made of polyamide and eponazha. Their service life is usually 5-8 years. Fabric umbrella can be found on the cover tab. If the composition of the tissue is not known, better give up the purchase.

When buying an umbrella ask the seller a certificate for the goods. Umbrella must necessarily conform to hygienic standards. If the certificate is not present, it is better not to acquire. This umbrella can be dangerous to your health.

Umbrella must be not only qualitative, but also beautiful. Remember that the color of the dome effect on skin tone, so choose an umbrella on the same principles as that of cosmetics. Pale women suit warm rich colors: orange, red, brown. Ruddy ladies suit blue and green shades. But the purchase of gray umbrella women should be abandoned because it will give the skin sallow.

Men usually prefer plain umbrellas, while the most common is black. However umbrella in a cage looks much more stylish and fits the stronger sex of all ages.

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