Bright accessories and a sense of proportion

Bright accessories and a sense of proportion
 Vivid details save even the simplest outfit. However, properly chosen accessories can ruin the image. To always be stylish and elegant, follow the basic rules of combining elements.
 Adjusting Brightness and Contrast

Choose a contrasting, but not adjacent hues. Orange scarf categorically does not fit the yellow blouse, as well as a red belt in a pink dress. Vivid details fit to clothes basic colors (black, blue, gray, shades of white). If you want to create a bright outfit, combine primary colors rather than shades, for example, a yellow bag, blue shoes and a red dress. First look at the human interlocutor throws at a distance of three meters. If chosen accessories are not visible at this distance, it means that they do not "work" on your image.

More than three is not collected

Do not use more than three in the dress of bright parts of one shade. Enough to pick up earrings, clutch and / or belt saturated colors, do not get involved and match them shoes, bracelets, rings, necklace and scarf to match. If the toilet is the base color of the clothes, the bright accessory at all may be one. So, just a contrast strap over black dress and cardigan of the same color.

Less conformism

Choose unbanal options. Once the former firm rule to combine the color of shoes and bag today, is not mandatory. Bright enough to balance the boots or shoes with a handkerchief or a bracelet of the same shade, and a clutch or handbag at this time may overlap with the belt or earrings. Do not build your image on the details that are present in it periodically: gloves, umbrella, scarf. If bright elements are balanced with these street accessories in the room when you remove them, thoughtful outfit "lost".

General rules for the selection of accessories

Pick up items to dress up in accordance with the time of day, season, circumstances. Large accessories are appropriate in the warm season and in an informal setting. An official holiday jewelry preferably replaced by jewelry made of precious materials.

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