Autumn business style attributes

Autumn business style attributes
 With the onset of the first frost and changing style of dress - from bright and cheerful colors of summer time to move to a more restrained and calm. People come from holidays, back to the office and from the light summer dresses, shorts and T-shirts are reluctant to get into office suits. However, in office clothes can look attractive and beautiful.

This fall, many stylists agree that the traditional office style can be more diverse and individual.

Traditionally, the main base upon which to build the entire office wardrobe, a suit.

With regard to the female silhouette suit shall be semiadherent, it should not be baggy, but also greatly drag away a figure he, too, is contraindicated.

Primary colors for business suits black, gray, blue, brown and olive. In the warmer seasons, you can add beige.

In the women's business suit jacket combined with a skirt. But in the autumn 2011 season designers allow the woman to the office more often wear a pantsuit, and form-fitting jersey dress with a wide belt paired with an elongated jacket.

The rule remains the same - do not get involved much tight-fitting silhouettes, pants should be slightly loose, and the navel is closed, may attend the arrow.

In business suits this season appeared revolutionary piece - body.

Office shirts and blouses were classic white, but white can add any pastel color. Do not get involved in ivory and light beige, the colors are very dull and energetically weak. Fabrics for office blouses have become a little more transparent.

Changes of this fashion season affected women's scarves, which you can decorate your office suit and give it more feminine. Nice scarf or handkerchief should be made of silk, preferably natural. If your office dress code allows you to carry accessories such - Select scarf more saturated color.

As for the drawing - it depends on the specialization of the company in which you are working. If the activity is conservative enough, then the color should be softer, muted, if you work in a creative companies, advertising or public relations - allow yourself a bright scarf with a pronounced pattern.

The same applies to other decorations. It is advisable to opt for earrings, brooches or a string of pearls. All these decorations should be concise and very good quality.

Choosing autumn coat, a business woman should pay attention to the material from which it is sewed and how elegant he cut. Indulge in that due to the good stuff and elegant silhouette emphasize their femininity.

This may be a classic coat, or a coat of new trends, for example, in the style of "military". Also in the wardrobe of a business woman to be quite appropriate trench coats and raincoats.

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