Amazing hats at the royal wedding

Amazing hats at the royal wedding
 Invited to the royal wedding ladies are thinking their way to the last detail. Hat is always the final link in the creation of a unique image. Was no exception and the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton darling. Visitors literally competed in the "hat duel." There were luxuriously-mannered, and traditionally restrained and sometimes even ridiculous hats. His impeccable taste managed to emphasize the Princess and Queen of Spain (Laetitia and Sophia), Zara Phillips, as well as Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne, was delicious and elegant in a gray suit and a wide-brimmed hat decorated with a large ribbon flower. This masterpiece by Philip Treacy looked luxurious and out of place.

Princess Eugenie and Beatrice and excelled at the wedding of his questionable extravagance. So Eugene appeared at the ceremony in a blue hat with a purple rose and Beatrice - in a rather strange headdress, which is in harmony with the color of her coat, but its shape, which resembles a donut delivered on its side with a bow, was clearly inappropriate.

Camilla Parker Bowles try on a hat ivory, perfectly combined with a suit of golden and light-blue tones.

Dress Carol Middleton (Kate's mother) had made for her Jane Corbett. Well, now we understand who the bride owes its amazing taste.

The combination of peach-colored dress princess Victoria of Sweden with a translucent wide-brimmed hat to match can be called perfect. Although it looks simple, it is very charming in such a manner.

Dark blue straw hat Lady Frederick Windsor is perfectly suited to her elegant dress, although it very much resembles a flying saucer.

Princess Anne decided to dress in a bright dress lilac and green tones, which crowns resembling a bowler hat purple. Looks a little puffy.

It is worth noting outfit Queen Elizabeth II. She chose for this wedding yellow suit and hat to match, decorated with artificial flowers. The result was a sunny image, not burdened with unnecessary details.

Miriam Gonzalez appeared before the public in a hat, which more closely resembles a turban. Yes, and red flower on a headdress wife of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg casts whether Roma, or Spanish motifs. And everything is good, but that's still a wedding took place not in the camp, and in the Cathedral of Westminster Abbey and in the most luxurious apartments at Buckingham Palace.

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