Accessories for the New Year together

Accessories for the New Year together
 Choosing the dress in which you will celebrate the New Year, do not forget the accessories. After all, they can add spice to any image, harmoniously complement it and help to give you a unique charm. The more that you can pick them up on different parameters. For example, according to what occurs astrogod. In general, armed with patience and go in search of suitable decoration for New Year's Eve.
 Choosing accessories for New Year's Eve, remember that special restrictions before you is not worth it. After all, absolutely all. But the main rule is still - comply with the measure, so as not to look brighter Christmas tree.

All brilliant. You should sparkle. Choose the desirable natural stones. After all, they only give you a noble shine. The ideal choice for the dress to be necklaces, bracelets and rings made of natural materials. However, with this kind of jewelry you have to be very careful. After all, if your outfit is brilliant, it may well turn out that the light will be too much.

If you - an adherent of traditional accessories, choose jewelry made of precious metals - silver, gold and platinum. They are always appropriate and suitable to any outfit, absolutely without overloading it.

Also in the New Year's Eve is very popular as a complement to the image of leather, feathers, fur, and even wood. Excellent option will brooches made from these materials.

In addition, you can make extensive use of jewelry. Do not be afraid to mix styles and materials. However, try not to overdo it. For example, a massive ring + earrings are the same - well, a massive ring + earrings and beads - no.

If you want to dress to complement any original accessories, then fling on the shoulders of a fur coat or cape. If you are allowing your dress, you can also try a vest embroidered with glass beads. This addition will make you more elegant and glamorous.

In the event that a suitable addition to your belt, then choose gold or silver shades. The same applies to handbags, scarves and gloves. They should complement the outfit, while his shading.

In size bags do not have to be big - New Year's Eve, they are only intended to serve as cosmetics. It is best to choose a clutch or small, embroidered handbags. This bag does not take up much space, but you will not have problems in order to hide all items that you need.

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