Women's hats 2011

Women's hats 2011
 Women's hats at all times gave wardrobe known perfection and reflect the spirit of the times. It is believed that nothing can spoil a toilet as out of fashion headwear. It is therefore important for fashionistas know which model hats are relevant today.

Charming female heads on the catwalks this season crowned hat with huge fields. In addition to sexuality and extravagance are hats - excellent protection from the sometimes merciless sunlight. Wide field obscures the face, giving it a mystery and sophistication.

"Stars" 2011 steel and cowboy hats. They promise not to take positions before winter. Jeans and a plaid shirt, topped with a cowboy, what could be more stylish. But that's not all that were able to designers. Cowboy hats with dresses from Chanel do not look less attractive and juicy.

Hold position and "Fedora", as well as hats with small fields and "pills". In this case, the cap with the fields, which is almost invisible, it is better to decorate the veil. They look very good with evening dresses.

Fans of the style "hippies" have something to enjoy. Shawls, scarves, bandanas and all colors with the "Print" if you do not occupy the top lines of "hit parade" of the summer, then certainly in the top three for sure fall. You can combine them with flying dresses, jeans "on the floor" and tunics.

Caps and hats with large canopies will still be relevant. They can pick up something from the male wardrobe. Oddly enough it sounds, but it will look "very feminine."

But on the berets better to forget for a while. 2011 promises to be "fruitful" on the caps and hats, scarves and even - in the spring. Berets better to defer to the far shelf until next year.

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