Wedding Flowers: selection rules

Wedding Flowers: selection rules
 Wedding bouquet - an indispensable part of the bride dress. You can order in floristic composition of the cabin or build your own bouquet. The main thing - to choose the right flowers for him. They should match the style of the ceremony, the wedding dress design and type of appearance of the bride.
 Traditional dress with fluffy skirts on crinoline requires classic round bouquet. It can be composed of roses - both large single and roses. Complete rose lace lilies and leaves small framing bouquet.

If you like a larger composition, stop for a large-scale colors. Choose among the lilies, peonies, calla lilies in various shades. Of them can make bouquets on long stems, which are on the crook of his arm. Such a composition is suitable tall girl in a dress cut straight or narrowed.

Very elegant composition obtained from orchids. Major branch orchid filanopsis is a terrific addition to the modern dress fancy skirt and neckline complicated. Orchids can be decorated with a traditional round bouquet.

Today is a very popular seasonal bouquet composed of flowers, typical for a certain time of the year. Spring brides suitable composition of tulips of different colors, crocus, lilies of the valley and lilac. Select summer violets, daisies Grandiflora varietal and irises.

Pay attention to non-traditional plants, it is suitable for bouquets. Apple tree branch or birch, blooming hydrangea, ears - they can be combined with more conventional colors, creating a very original compositions.

Do not use a bunch of flowers with too much flavor. If you can not stand the smell of lilies and lavender, do not include these plants in a wedding song, as if you do not like their appearance. Note that you have to spend several hours with a bouquet - and all this time he should cause only pleasant emotions.

Hue bouquet should be combined with the tone and appearance of the bride dresses. White flowers fit together to pure white, blue or purple. With white dress will harmonize and red flowers. To pick up along the hue ivory bouquet in warm tones - cream, pink, golden beige. Popular and contrasting combinations - for example, purple with yellow or orange with white. Very elegant solution - a bouquet of flowers in different shades of one color scale. Try to make a round bouquet of roses - from pale pink to dark salmon. Such a composition does not need a frame of leaves and ribbons - she and without them looks very decorative.

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