Topsy turvy: bilateral clutches

Topsy turvy: bilateral clutches
 Clutch is gradually replacing the classic handbag. It is more practical and convenient. Small size and good capacity allow you to take it for a shopping trip, a secular party or club, a walk around the city and even to work.
 A few years ago, this woman's wardrobe accessory gained popularity in European countries. Today trendy clutches slowly but surely conquer the Russian market of consumers. So, in stores Perfetta can buy quality and innovative things by Russian fashion designers. Unique collection of bilateral clutches PIU PIU very pleased fashionistas.

Clutches PIU PIU create young, but talented designers Petersburg - Julia and Alex Shu Penyuk. Handbags from the collections of this talented pair are distinguished by their originality and interesting concise design. At the same time they are very practical, which is rare for such things.

For the manufacture of clutch PIU PIU apply only the highest quality visual and tactile materials - suede and leather. Each model is made by hand, and not more than five copies. Through this chance to meet in the street a girl or woman with the same clutch in hand, as you minimized.

In the clutches have zip magnet, which is hidden from the eyes of others. It allows you to close the bag flick of the wrist. An interesting feature of these models is the absence of the reverse side. This means that they are bidirectional. Depending on the mood and tone of your daily wardrobe of clothes, they can turn out either bright or dark side out. In addition, the small bag can be folded in several different ways. In any form, it will look unique and original.

Stores Perfetta are several large shopping centers in Russia, mostly in Moscow. In each you will find these unique clutches, which perfectly complement the image of the secular lady and create the perfect mood.

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