Myths about corsets

Myths about corsets
 Corsets and today remains an attractive piece of clothing for many women. In fact, a woman in a corset - it's beautiful, seductive, alluring. But the debate about the dangers of this item of clothing have been conducted for more than one century.
 From the constant wearing a corset women were phased out since the beginning of the twentieth century. He was called and detrimental to women's health and the way of women's oppression. It argued that the women's waist is pulled together to unnatural subtleties - 36-40 centimeters, which led to a breach in the internal organs, prevents women breathe and lead an active physical life. Hence fainting, persistent weakness and other signs of a noble woman of the time.

Wearing braces to the end of the XIX century was due to two opposite reasons. On the one hand the rules of decency forced women to wear corsets to pulled back as much as possible, they did not show the breast. This situation existed at the Spanish court. Mammary glands began tight squeeze in childhood to the chest do not grow large, and then the girl constantly wore a tight corset with metal bones to maintain the size of the breast.

On the other hand, has been in vogue for wearing corsets emphatic demonstration of female beauty. This has been typical for France, Russia, where a decent woman does not think without the subject of women's clothing. Here corset, on the contrary, became much lift a woman's breasts while pulling her waist.

Modern ladies do not plan to bring themselves to such extremes, buying a corset. This is just a quick and relatively inexpensive way to give a figure of harmony and seduction, to emphasize the waist and lift the breasts.

Today corsets are made from modern materials that do not harm women's health and help her look slimmer and prettier. Moderate tightening would not lead to deformation of the internal organs, will not prevent a woman to lead a normal life - work, go shopping and entertainment venues. Moreover, modern corset helps support the spine, which is especially important for those who have problems with posture.

The corset is not recommended for everyday wear. But if you wear it periodically, only to go out when you want to create a certain image, it will not harm your body. Moderate and reasonable pinching utyazhka not complicate your breathing, but will radically change your silhouette.

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