How to choose the right accessories

How to choose the right accessories
 A variety of fashion trends and directions contributes to the creation of the set of images for the modern woman. But the truly unique, stylish and make the image complete charmer multiple accessories that bring shade of femininity and charm.

In order to maximize individual style was necessary to learn how to pick up accessories, which include: jewelry, hats and scarves, gloves, belts, sunglasses and, of course, handbags.

Pick different elements, not just following your inner voice and preferences, but also the basic rules of stylists. For example, the color of the cap, the strap and gloves must be equal. If you follow fashion trends, the color of these accessories can be contrasted to the main color of clothing. In the case of conservative pick additions listed in tone, somewhat different from the primary color, but harmonizing with it. If you find it difficult to decide on the selection of color, then the best way is to use accessories classic black and white colors.

Purchase accessories of exceptional quality, as it is to use them is to attract attention to your image. Do not forget that the large accessories visually enhance the image of the mistress, and small, on the contrary, are able to visually reduce the possessor lovely additions.

Wear only accessories that blend harmoniously with clothing and correspond to the case. For example, do not wear jewelry with cheap evening dress.

Remember that accessories emphasize body shape, so their shapes should be strikingly different from the shape of your body. For example, do not wear glasses with round lenses if you have an oval or round face.

Use at the same time not more than three parts, overreliance accessories might cause damage to your appearance, not to emphasize individuality.

Before you can use all the diversity of modern accessories, contact a professional stylist who will teach you to choose the right accessories and create a unique image that can distinguish you from the many thousands of beautiful half of humanity.

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