How to choose sunglasses for face shape

How to choose sunglasses for face shape
 Depending on the type of glasses help your eyes to see better, to protect them from exposure to sunlight, and has already become a necessary accessory for the image. Decorative glasses now have every fashionista. But how to pick them up?  
 The selection of appropriate points in girls difficulties arise. Points should be not only fashionable, but also fit the shape of the face. Knowing the particular shape of the face, it is easier to decide what to choose sunglasses. Frames can correct flaws and become an ornament to the entire image.

Happy owner of an oval shaped face can afford any points. The most favorable option when setting equals the widest part of the face, and the top line coincides with the line of the eyebrows.

For a triangular face when wide forehead and chin narrow, fit frame with rounded edges square and rectangular shapes. It is not recommended to take the points with wide and bright rims.

To pick up points on the face shape resembling an inverted triangle (wide chin, forehead narrow), it is necessary to pay attention to the rim of the oval and round shapes.

Visually lengthen a round face shape will help square and rectangular glasses with wide bow. It would be better if the upper edge of the frame pointed to the temples. Avoid necessary to round glasses and frames that cover the cheekbones.

Girls with rounded square face recommended spectacles that significantly greater in width than in height. Should be deleted glasses rectangular and square shapes.

If the shape of the face in a diamond, you can choose rimless glasses - round, square, and those in which the edge of the rim raised.

Girls with trapezoidal person must choose round glasses that have the same width and length. Lower rims should be invisible or absent.

Long face can "expand" with a large frame of any shape. On rimless glasses and small glasses should forget.

Also do not forget about the right makeup, if you wear glasses for vision. When farsightedness glasses enhance the eyes, so the makeup should be less noticeable, and with myopia can be clearly emphasize the eyes.

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