How to choose glasses: stylish setting for any person

How to choose glasses: stylish setting for any person
 Points virtually must-have accessory for the majority of people with vision problems. Despite the fact that the glasses are designed to remedy the problems, they still need to decorate and human, to be the final "smear" in its established image.
 The first thing to take into consideration when going in search of a suitable rim - cheap quality does not happen. And since after all we are talking about the subject of a medical nature, it makes sense to buy only through a network optometrist or in a specialized salon. Qualitative thing to justify their cost of long life.

"Little Things" near the nose (nose pads) should be moderately soft to avoid any undue pressure on the nose. Otherwise there will be redness and vmyatinki after removal of points. Temples on the bow should not put pressure on the temporal area.

The main materials for the manufacture of frames today is plastic and metal. A variety of forms, extensive color range make the glasses in our time a terrific way to complement the image. They are able to give the outward appearance of intelligence, mystery and sexuality.

The frame should fit the shape of your face. Too narrow glasses make you look over them. Too much will hide his face, making it cumbersome.

The top of the frame should pass through the eyebrow. Slight variations up or down. Otherwise create points second arc face disintegrating additional lines.

Owners of narrow elongated persons contraindicated massive glasses rimmed with black or dark blue. Also, these models do not fit oval face. But the narrow metal or plastic frame soft colors emphasize the natural shape of the face. Try to choose such glasses to the corners of the frame is not too sharp.

For round faces an excellent option will be rectangular frames of dark color. They hide the extra roundness. A clear-cut points will come face austerity and "tighten" it visually.

"Cat" face with a pointed chin, broad forehead but can recommend glasses with a rim in the form of "butterfly". This frame visually outline the face, without weighing it.

With a square face shape with a heavy jaw, stop choice on the rim slightly rounded, sitting high on the bridge of the nose and the horizontal part of the selection.

The choice of colors is absolutely matter of personal choice. But it may be advisable to brunettes rich bright colors (blue, red), and blondes - they are more subtle shades. It is believed that red-haired fit the rim of green and purple flowers.

Remember that suitable glasses - the ones that do not cause you discomfort, even with constant wear.

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