How to choose glasses for vision

How to choose glasses for vision
 For many people, sunglasses - the only way to improve your eyesight. In this case, pick them can be very difficult, I want to not only adjust the ability to see, but look at this beautiful and elegant. However, the most important when selecting points - to maintain good health and to rectify the shortcomings of view.
 Select points on the advice of friends, trying it alone, others can not. For right choice it is necessary to consult an eye specialist. Only he will determine the parameters that will be comfortable for you and correct the shortcomings of view, without leading to headaches or eyestrain.

If you choose glasses for the first time, it is best to contact the specialty shops of optics. As a rule, they have a wide selection of frames, and you can easily pick up exactly the one that you like. Then a doctor's prescription ophthalmologist in this frame you set appropriate lens. In this case, the purchase will fit the bill.

In no case can not buy ready-made glasses in the subway or on the street. The quality of these points is poor, and the lens can not meet the stated parameters.

If you live in a sunny area, it makes sense to pay attention to the purchase of glasses with photochromic lenses that are able to adjust the light transmission. In fact, this sunglasses with the possibility of adjustment.

In addition to photochromic lenses can acquire lens different coatings that make them more durable and wear resistant. There are lenses with color coating, improving, for example, the vision in bad weather or to protect against blinding headlights of oncoming cars. If necessary, consult your dealer about purchasing these lenses.

If you wear glasses for a long time and just want to change the frame, out of fashion or unusable, it should be possible to choose such that by the location of glasses similar to the previous frame. So eyes quickly get used to the changes and felt no discomfort.

Trying eyeglass frames, it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that it is not pressing on the nose and ears, well sat on his face. The distance from the eye to the lens should be about 12 mm. The optimal shape of the lens - Oval.

Many preferred lenses made of glass. However, glass lenses and plastic equally well perform their functions, and if properly cared for long and reliably serve their owners. For people who need vision correction more than 5 diopters, it is best to choose only plastic lenses, because glass glasses such a plan is very heavy.

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