How to choose a scarf

How to choose a scarf
 Scarf - an indispensable accessory. He gives the image of perfection and warm in the winter cold. To look stylish and modern, you need to remember a few simple rules.

When buying a scarf, always think over in advance, with which it can be worn. Think of things from her wardrobe and decide what it will fit in color and style. If you buy accessories just because they liked them, you risk permanently leave them in the far corner of the cabinet. It is better to buy one expensive scarf than to buy a lot of cheap, it is not appropriate to you things. After all, with different elements of clothing, scarf will look different. If the correct selection of parts toilets, and no one will know you're wearing the same scarf!
If you need to find a scarf that will suit a particular suit, better to go shopping is in this dress. It is very important to decide whether you want to make a scarf main focus in the image or just supplement it. Scarves with big bright pictures always attract attention. In order to emphasize some other piece toilet, pick up a plain scarf or with understated pattern.
Be sure to keep in mind when choosing your tsvetotip accessories. There are many articles and books, learning to choose the right clothes to match the color of hair, eyes, skin tone. If you do not want to get deeper into the topic, simply analyze your wardrobe. Select items of different colors, different shades (warm and cold). In turn, apply them to the face in the mirror. So you can determine what suits you best.
Always pay attention to the quality of the thing! The edges of the scarf should be well treated. Drawing and cutting should be smooth and neat. Accessories to please you for a long time, buy them in retail stores.
To look modern, pay attention to the model, which is now in vogue. You can before going to the store to look through magazines. What material things? What colors and a long scarf on models? Remember, they are tied. There are many ways to tie a scarf, and how you do it, too, will affect your image.

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