Handbags bras

Handbags bras
 Corsets bras all good - until you're going on vacation or business trip, do not try to accurately and compactly put them in a suitcase. This is where the problems begin. But now there is no fear that the delicate toilet crumpled or bent - because now bras available for the carriage of special travel bags.
 Bag for transportation and storage corset bra - Bra (g) appeared on the market not so long ago. Novelty began to produce one of the American companies, and now you can buy special bags in America, Canada and Australia. And in the near future, they are likely to be widely sold in Russia: a promising idea have adopted Chinese industrialists.

Protective Hard Case Bag for bras, of course, was invented by a woman (no man in the head would not come, that it may be a problem). Jane Webb, the inventor of this new product, a lot of traveling. And it always horrified that, in what becomes a bra when carried in a travel bag. In the end, she strongly tired "admire" on crushed and crumpled toilet and throw expensive bras that have become unusable.

As the saying goes, "every smith of happiness" - and Jane Webb decided on their own to come up with a way to protect them during transport: Hard Bag Case-shaped to conform to the shape of the bra. Now, this invention may be used by other ladies anxiously relating to issues of safety of his underwear.

Protective bags allow compactly and safely transported and stored in their models up to 6 bras. Wherein their size can be achieved, or even D (depending on the type of cups). Of course, the larger the size - the more space will occupy such a handbag.

Perhaps men purchase this accessory will seem silly. But about the safety of underwear can not worry: it will reach anywhere in the world safe and sound!

 Author: Larissa Sustina

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