Female tie: stylish accent business attire

Female tie: stylish accent business attire
 Tie was originally part of the male costume. But women have long adapted it as a supplement to a variety of outfits, from the strict business suits to ... summer sundresses.
 Ties for women - is one way to supplement business clothes. And it does not necessarily follow the strict rules of male to wear this accessory. A variety of styles are welcome. Business style for women - it suits with skirts or trousers, a strict dress. Tie able to decorate and then, and more.

If wearing this accessory men painted down to the smallest details, rules for women is much smaller. In fact, this rule is only one: the female tie must be different from that of men. The difference may lie in width, coloring, materials, shapes, and the host, how low it is.

For strict business clothing are allowed broad ties of flowing fabric, it is possible unusual, but not bright picture. The lower edge of the tie does not fall in the same low, as in men: it is worn by 7 cm above the waist. Long tie looks stylish slim ladies only in trouser suits.

Among the general principles of selection of women's tie looks the least controversial choice of the width of this accessory. For brittle ladies are allowed ample options favorites seventies of the last century. Long narrow tie bright colors fit woman with a sports figure for a less formal business wear. Such a model is perfectly set off slim figure in a dress-suit. But for a more rounded feminine form narrow tie is contraindicated. Here we need the average width.

As nodes are used to tie all the possible options for men. Just do not need to delay unit, emphasizing its strict form. It is better to tie a tie and gently lower the node below the top button unbuttoned blouse. It is worth paying attention to the unusual site introduced by the Greek millionaire Onassis and named after him. It is perfect for blouses with widely divergent corners collar and looks strictly at the same time and flirty.

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