Case in straw hat

Case in straw hat
 Return of the era of neo-romanticism in clothes, full of sentimental sensibility back into fashion trend this undeservedly forgotten as straw hats. In its present form they are so nice, that are sure to impress any woman. Straw Hat emphasizes the delicate nature of the owner, makes women vulnerable and tender.

Straw hat (strohhut) known since the Middle Ages. Its progenitor - Greek petatos hat. In the Middle Ages, until the XVI century, straw hats were an inherent part of European farmers, so in high society to wear them was considered bad form.

But over time, ease, elegance and good thermostatic properties of straw hats were appreciated, they began to wear at the court. Panama, Florentine hats and boaters have become the classic form of straw hats, now a fashion accessory. We should also specific sombrero - wide-brimmed hat with soft fields, popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

Modern straw hat - a sample of femininity and tenderness. Her soft neuglovataya shape and quite large soft field. Today in vogue small ornaments, although last season scored a variety of artificial flowers and some flowers on hats, and a riot of colors. In all of this, the proposed decorations do not add accessory aggression, preserving the original femininity.

If we talk about the color, welcome natural straw color, slightly golden, although modern democratic fashion does not preclude the use of thick painted in bright shade of straw.

Straw Hat is indispensable on vacation, it is not hot sunbathing under the hot sun, and are not ashamed to walk at night in the park. It is suitable even for secular summer rout. Variations straw hats a lot - caps, panama hats, baseball caps and hoods are suitable for any style of clothing. Individuality owner in a fashionable hat is guaranteed.

Hats are made mainly from rice straw. Most often, a simple weaving, but it is elegant tracery. Hat will be part of a unique image, reliably protecting your head from the heat.

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