Bra: types and features

Bra: types and features
 The subject of women's underwear in his time made a real revolution, allowing women to correct the deficiencies and simultaneously represented in the best light esteem his chest. There is currently a variety of types and forms of bras help the modern woman to successfully carry out a variety of activities (work, sports, going to night clubs and social events, etc.).  

An indispensable assistant of the modern woman

Seamless bra is characterized by the absence of seams on the cups, which are an integral part with the extended special technology cloth follows the shape of the breast. This bra lovers prefer tight clothes.

Bras with seams on the cups arranged in different directions, are designed for different forms of the breast. Horizontal seam is designed to give a broad chest, vertical - for owners of breast narrow shape. Bra with diagonal seam lifts sagging bust.

Bra with ultra-flat seams virtually invisible, the result of the latest developments of the textile industry, gives a sense of comfort in contact with the body and clothes, like a seamless, worn under tight clothing.

Underwire bra securely locks the chest due to hard arcs, sewn into the bottom of the cup semi-circle. Form arcs exist in a semi-circle, arc, crescent. This bra is perfect under any dress but the dress neckline.

Fully enclosed bra has V - neck, chest completely closed cloth bowl, blending smoothly into the strap. This underwear is worn under clothing with sleeves, closed at the back and chest.

Showing bra, leaving a half-open chest, recently the most popular. There are two types of these bras - "bold cutout" and "balcony" ("Angelica"). In the first case there is no upper half of the cup, divided in half by a diagonal line from the shoulder to the center of the chest. This cutout focuses on the chest and gives it elasticity, suitable for clothing with a deep neckline. Bra "balcony" is a structure in the form of a flat, horizontal stripes, almost completely open the top half of the breast and is suitable for dresses with a neck in the form of a square.

Bra push-up (from the English. Push - up - lift) worn under dresses corset type. The lower part of his cups, filled with an elastic material, significantly raises the chest.

Bra "Floating Ribbon" has straps Removable front and rear. By varying the location strapless body, this type of bra can be worn with any clothing.

Strapless bra is a fairly rigid structure capable of supporting as a small chest, and a magnificent bust. This underwear is perfect for decollete dress that drew the chest and back.

Invisible silicone bra with straps can be worn under an open shirt.

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