Bags Lady: office and leisure

Bags Lady: office and leisure
 Bag - an indispensable companion of women in any situation. In the office, on a date, in the theater, on the beach - wherever there is a lovely lady, with her will always be bag, briefcase, clutch, handbag straw or any other variant of hundreds of all kinds. And it is - right.
 Fashion season 2011-2012, offers all kinds of variations on the theme of women's favorite and necessary accessory.

Clutches - on the yield and the office

This kind of women's handbags for several years already holds a strong "gold" in the ranking of fashion models. To enter the theater, a restaurant, on a date charmer offers small clutches, purses, which are placed in the only all-presamoe most needed, and that it fits easily in your hand.

Office clutches - exactly what you need to present a business lady. These models are compact and classic form. Office clutches decorated with thin leather straps or long-chain and worn in the hand and shoulder.

For business lady in this season still relevant small briefcases or leather folders and bags with pattern "classical cell" and "crow's feet".

Messenger - both style and trend

This season handbags are highly relevant to the style of "messenger" with an interesting accent - purse sewn on the outside. Such models are of great interest among fashionistas and are in great demand.

Large sizes - this is true

Large sizes this season are presented in the form of kegs and sacks. Another popular model - small tote bag with handles. These bags can be worn as a clutch, bending them in half, on the shoulder or under the arm. For large bags in this fashion season is characterized by a rigid frame and a minimum of decoration.

Luxury beauty as an accessory

2011-2012 fashion season offers women bags, more like jewelry than a bag. Mink, chinchilla, fox, python, crocodile - from such expensive "raw material" designers create the most luxurious and expensive bags that will attract attention to their owner.

Patchwork - folk motifs in fashion again

Bright, colorful scraps of which are sewn patchwork bags, put a spotlight on fashion shows. These bags are very good for outdoor activities, they emphasize the mood, especially in the cold season.

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