Appointment of female hats and their types

Appointment of female hats and their types
 Ladies' hats a few decades ago were regarded as an integral part of the dress. In recent years, these hats are becoming popular again, that is due to the designers and entertainers who periodically surprise respectable audience original solutions.
 In stores today you can find many varieties of hats. Demand evening hats with various ornaments. They are small in size and are more similar to the original decision hairstyles than on hats. Their main advantage is that they are easy to make, and it means that if you want you can not spend the money to buy them and make them their own hands.

Several decades ago, Audrey Hepburn introduced a new fashion, starting to wear a hat-cylinder, which until then were only men. Of course, the ladies wore a smaller version of the headdress, which was decorated with various decorative items (ribbons, flowers, sometimes veiled). He was usually a part of the female attire for horse riding.

A small hat in the form of tablets appeared in the wardrobe fashionistas in the early XX century, when they redrew one of the models of military headgear in his own way. This sample hats existed in ancient Rome, as historians have found, they are shown on the rulers depicted on ancient coins. In the sixties, the hats were such very popular in Europe and the United States, and today are considered as additions to the wardrobe of vintage.

At a time when Hollywood stars shone on television, administer the fate of hunters for fashionable little things, widespread hat with a wide brim and soft. It can be used for publication, and for picnics and relaxing on the beach.

In England, the jumps have always been considered a sport for the privileged persons, for which there were special headgear. As a rule, hats for the races are always chosen the most presentable, features original style decisions, because they are an indication of the status of its owner.

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