The norm - childlessness?

The norm - childlessness?
 Few of the people of the current generation knows that in the Soviet Union there was a tax on childlessness. Today it becomes more and more couples, not consciously Exciting offspring. So what is the lack of children in the family - a deviation from the norm or the freedom to live for yourself?
 Previously, the main purpose of women was motherhood, procreation. Families in which were ten children, did not cause much surprise. But there came a century of progress, changed values, patterns of behavior in society.

Women began to fight for their rights, to build a career on an equal basis with men. As part of this struggle began to sound, and calls for the voluntary abandonment of children. Reasoning and motivation was different, but essentially boiled down to one thing: there are no children - no problem.

Over time, the idea of ​​a voluntary abandonment of children grew into a movement whose members call themselves childfree, which translates as "child-free". And, interestingly, the representatives of this movement is not only infantile boys and girls, so-called "golden youth", but it is held and successful middle-aged people.

You can select multiple groups of arguments that lead childfree:

- Childlessness - is profitable. All forces and resources will be invested only in the development itself, and will not go away for a child. Girls more often say that so they retain their beauty and youth.

- Childlessness - it humanely. Children do not ask to be given birth. Parents are blind in their love, so why condemn a man to depend on others to be someone's property? In addition, the world's terrible environment, political environment, to live in a modern society - is simply dangerous.

- It is easier to have a pet. It is less costly and difficult, but he just need to pay attention, to give love and care.

- Perhaps the most objective argument - man-childfree just does not like children.

It turns out that for some couples who, for whatever reason, can not give birth to their children - a sentence, but for others - the norm. However, it is worth considering. Nature was not by chance that divide people based on gender, created a complex mechanism onset of offspring born, prominent women role of being a mother.

In nature, everything is interconnected. It is difficult to predict what the consequences may lead attempts to change the original order of things. Indeed, changes in one element affecting the entire system.

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