I do not want a baby!

I do not want a baby!
 Maternal instinct - the internal state of a woman in which she feels the urgent need to have a child to take care of him, to protect him. This is an inherent feature of women - or she is, or it is not. Increasingly discussed topic in the media to increase the number of women who do not want to have children. And the accents are distributed as follows: if you want a child - you are good, no - bad.

Of course, the birth of a child - it's a personal choice each specific woman. What are the reasons that women do not want to have children?

Just do not like children

There is a category of women who simply do not like children and do not want them to have. Somehow, it causes a particularly strong condemnation by others. Perhaps the desire to fit all common causes stereotypes of women who really do not like children, to give birth - and their children are most often unhappy. Nothing can replace a mother's love child sincere and children acutely feel her absence. Perhaps the woman who has the courage to make the decision not to have children - behave more honest than those who give birth only for social or commercial reasons.

I'm not an educator

Raising a child - it's true calling. If you are not able to devote herself to a child tolerate crying, screaming, change diapers, do not get enough sleep, keep an eye on his health and everyday life, clean, prepare him to play educational games to select, train - not worth starting. Child - not a kitten, not a thing of which it is possible to get rid of when bored or tired. Although, of course, and with the kittens can not do that.

Choose: career or child

It is impossible to combine a successful career with raising a child - always one of the parties will be deprived. Besides, trying to achieve this goal, women often simply undermine health, coffin nervous system - it can not have a positive effect either at work or on the child. Babysitting - not an option for two main reasons: to find a good babysitter hard and contact with the child mother deteriorates sometimes to such an extent that the child is bound to another woman more than a loved one. So if you do not have time for a child - why it was necessary to give birth.

It is very painful

Bear a child for nine months - sometimes a daunting task for a woman. In addition to all sorts of physiological abnormalities and discomfort, severe toxicity and other unpleasant sensations themselves childbirth can be very painful and heavy. Many women may have a very low pain threshold and such a load, they will be unable to survive.

I'm afraid

In addition to the fear of dying in childbirth, there is another fear - have a child with mental and physical disabilities. Indeed, no one is immune from such a calamity. And put an end to his life and dedicate it to the child that can not help - it's so dramatic perspective, to which few people can.

I do not know what will happen tomorrow

Unstable economy, low social protection, lack of confidence in the future, meager wages, lack of good prospects, the inability to give a child everything he will need - no mother's love is no substitute for the lack of nutrition, education and living conditions. The child will not be happy in a hostel, where his mother lives on the Rights of the bird with a crowd of neighbors alcoholics and lack of ability to remove tolerable shelter.

Men - unreliable selfish

Men who do not want to have children, much more than women. Everyone has heard stories of evading child support families abandoned, neglected children. Not all women, foaming at the mouth assuring one and all that the children in any case - happiness, staying alone, continue to think so. One to raise a child in the absence of adequate social support - it is almost unbearable. Otherwise orphanages would not be crowded abandoned children, and children who hate their own mother would not be so terrible.

I want to live for yourself - have a right to

Life is short and passes very quickly, especially quickly pass the best women's. The few hours that remain from work, sleep, everyday problems like spend on yourself, your favorite. This is possible if you are from a well-to-do family and have the financial leverage to solve all problems, or - if you have no children. Otherwise, at the end of life, you can look back and see just infinitely hard work, cleaning, laundry, cooking, taking care of her family, which, by the way, very often ungrateful. Not one of his come true desire, no one to fulfill the dream of his will not be there.

If you find this happiness - well, it's your choice. If you want a different life - it's also your choice. And no one has the right to impose your opinion.

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