Hippotherapy for children

Hippotherapy for children
 Hippotherapy or treatment of horses refers to alternative medicine. However, its scope is wide. Its active use in the treatment of children with mental retardation, patients with autism, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy.

The essence of hippotherapy is riding, and treatment, rather than just riding. It includes special exercises performed under the supervision of a trainer. Communication child with horses with the right approach and specialist parents does not cause him feelings of fear and hostility, unlike other medical procedures.

When hippotherapy for each child an individual program that takes into account the complexity and type of the disease, as well as personal characteristics of the patient. Sometimes an animal breeder or rider controls, in some cases, communication takes place without his help. In the classroom must necessarily attend the instructor, as well as parents, if needed.

Hippotherapy, as practice shows, yielding positive results. They are especially noticeable in children aged 6-11 years, but classes can be conducted with younger and older children with. After treatment of horses in children quickly and easily establish contacts with adults and peers, acquire and improve skills of self, a sense of responsibility. In the process of training young patients become more sociable, open, they have significantly reduced anxiety.

Physically hippotherapy is also very useful for sick children, and healthy. With it strengthens virtually all groups of muscles, improves posture, and refinement of movement coordination, balance trains. In addition, communication with animals teaches children to love and care for them, establishing the processes of socialization.

Parents should not be afraid that the horse might hurt their child. Animals who are trained to communicate with children, do not fear shouting, noise, sudden movements. They are very good-natured, calm, for their health carefully monitored veterinarians. Even one course hippotherapy can bring positive results for the physical and mental condition of the child.

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