Golden youth, or how to raise the heir

Golden youth, or how to raise the heir
 Some parents are too addicted to material issues of providing children. Instead, attention and participation in the education they give them what they want: the best nurses, most wonderful toy. And then wonder what grown child can not earn his parents. And only squanders hardly acquired condition. If you want to raise a worthy heir, you need to understand that the culture of wealth should be soaked baby from childhood.

Wealth can be a vice, and valor. First distinguished from the presence or absence of the second culture. Your task did not just make a fortune, which heirs can dissipate? You will surely be interesting to make sure that they are able to continue your business. Then you have to understand the ways to foster a culture of wealth.

No money without effort

Parents instinctively trying to protect their children from care by providing them with the best. But in any family, and not only in the rich, the child needs to understand that for all the pleasures of life you have to pay some effort. Since childhood, you have to instill in children a desire to make efforts for the sake of wealth.

Develop a craving for beauty

Many products are expensive brands do not meet even the minimum requirements of aesthetics or practicality. Your children from birth must learn to distinguish the good from the bad, the main thing - from the secondary. This is possible due to the unobtrusive initiation to art. Theaters, museums develop aesthetic and cognitive abilities. Good literature instills a sense of style, style, ability to see beauty and squalor of the plot. Do not think that this type of education is superfluous. He needed to know the children learned life is not only superficially and were able to appreciate the depth.

Instill a culture of education

Often, the "golden youth" in adolescence is all that others earn over the years. And then they have no desire to learn something, to acquire a profession, work, finally. Even if you built a business on intuition, it is not necessary to send children to the same steppe. Not all entrepreneurial streak is by nature. Some need to develop business acumen artificially. Education and created in order to share success strategies of natural genius with all the others. Explain this to your children so that they understand why they need to be able to provide for themselves.

Rich parents should not forget that the main thing for children - attention mom and dad. For the education of a worthy heir to be transmitted to him his experience, to share with them his thoughts. This requires time. It is impossible for a year to teach adult lazy to run a business. It is much easier to teach a child from childhood to the fact that being a rascal - bad.

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