Children sudamen. Choosing the right clothes for the baby

Children sudamen. Choosing the right clothes for the baby
 One morning (or evening), you find that the skin of your baby appeared some rash. Very small transparent red pimples hardest poured into the neck, on the back, in the elbow, in the folds baby legs and behind the knees. Individual speckles are located throughout the body. Most likely, this sudamen. She has been held for a day or two after the adoption of appropriate measures. The initial reason for its appearance usually becomes a very hot climate, or an incorrectly picked up clothes for the baby. Sudamen is not dangerous and is not contagious, but delivers the baby discomfort and discomfort, so it's best to get rid of it quickly, do not run and do not bring to mange and continue to try to prevent its occurrence at all.

The most basic thing you can do in this direction, it is right to dress their child. Children sweat glands still poorly developed, thermoregulation of the body has not been established, so the slightest overheating can cause a rash. For this reason, it is not necessary to dress up the baby in synthetics, even if it is very beautiful.

Choose for baby clothes made of cotton and try not to coddle him greatly. Summer - hot weather - sudamen may appear in an adult, and even children suffer from it almost to a man.

In the intense heat on a baby's body is enough to dress and bonnet, you can add more socks, but they must be very thin and light. Children who already go and therefore more sweat and overheat enough to wear shorts and a light, almost transparent T-shirt. If you are on the beach or in the country - to produce children for a walk in shorts and panamkah. "Barrier" on the beach should be in the most ventilated place and shaded in a light vest and preferably without a diaper.

At a temperature of about 24 degrees to the baby fairly light cotton or a suit of body with short sleeves plus sliders. Children, already outgrown the cradle, dress light dresses, shorts and T-shirts. On the evening coolness grab a light jacket for a walk - cape, no more.

Sudamen occurs not only during the heat of summer, but in winter. Insulated windows, hot battery and panic near adults who fear chill crumbs - that's fertile ground for the emergence of a rash.

Winter still need to give preference to natural fabrics. Dress your baby for a walk should be as well as yourself. For infants, add one more layer of clothing - it can be an envelope or a blanket. Already running around the children, on the contrary, put on a sweater less - with a stroller you're standing still, and they climb through the snowdrifts, and ride the roller coaster and freeze them at all difficult to believe.

Another important point - the night's sleep. Do not pack the baby as if he had to sleep all night in the street at thirty degrees below zero. Enough body and diaper or sleeping flannelette envelope - especially if you dare to put your baby to bed. Be careful not to cover it with a thick blanket and necessarily as often as possible ventilate the room.

And finally, one more tip - whenever possible, try to leave the baby to lie completely without clothes, including a diaper, at least five minutes. Air baths - the worst enemy of prickly heat.

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