Children's grief. How to help your child cope with the loss?

Children's grief. How to help your child cope with the loss?
 All parents want to see their children happy, healthy and happy. They give their children toys, pet give birth, are doing everything to their children was cloudless childhood. And when the child's favorite toy breaks, is lost, and a pet dies, not always Mom and Dad can comfort their child.

Children aged 2-5 years only learn to know the world. They live in their children's reality where teddy bears, dolls, cars live their lives. A first toys children are perceived as the first friends that are always fun to play, share with them their secrets. Very often, parents do not think about the fact that the loss of a favorite toy - a real tragedy for the little man. In no case do not tell the child: "So what that lost doll (bunny, bear, etc..d.), Here we go tomorrow and buy a beautiful new toy! "A child should feel that you share his grief baby, you know how important it was for him this toy. It is very often the first toys to help children overcome fears, with the help of toys the child learns to live. Parents, first of all, you must become a part of and empathy. Let your child feel that mom and dad are also serious about losing it, support it.

Parents should gently and gradually make the child forget about his little mountain. Adults can distract your child going to the circus, a children's cafe. Little princess can be the story in the salon: let feel grown-up and stylish with a new fashionable hairstyle. A few days later, you can lead the child to a large toy store. Let the child himself is like, look at the bright, colorful little animals, cars, dolls. Grief from the loss of an old favorite toys can not last long. Be sure the child will look for a new fun, which will also love how the previous one.

The loss of a beloved pet - really heavy loss not only for children but also for adults. Parents need to show your child that they are also experiencing loss. If the animal is sick, and the chances of his recovery is no need to pre-prepare the child for what will soon have to part with a favorite. But in any case, do not talk about the death of the animal. We can say that the little animals will live in a different world, where she will also love and protect.

With parental love and understanding of the child to cope better with their children's grief.

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