Childfree: lucky, regrettable?

Childfree: lucky, regrettable?
 In recent years, is rapidly gaining momentum development of so-called "childfree movement," which is based on the idea of ​​voluntary renunciation of procreation. Freedom of choice, the ability to self-development without appearing with children limitations and frames - are the values ​​that representatives of this movement put above all else.

The idea of ​​motherhood and everything associated with it seems chayldfrideram disgusting. In online communities devoted to the subject, childfree, associates constantly express their revulsion against unsuitable educated children and their parents disorderly. On the one hand, their anger is understandable: not everyone has the patience teaching other people's children often cause irritation. But whether the rejection of his own offspring solution to this problem? This position is more reminiscent of the fear of parental responsibility, an indirect admission of weakness. Fear of their inability to adequately raise a child leads to an easy decision - rejection of parenthood. One shudders to think what happened if all the world's problems were solved in this way.

"Live your life for yourself," "Take everything from life" - that sounds the most important and the most enticing arguments childfree positions, based on the principles of rational egoism. But how many of these views in a reasonable "? Not as much as it seems at first glance.

The fact that the birth of the child, care for him and his education - a very special category of human activity, which do not apply to questions of need, practicality and usefulness. At the same time, children - not fun and not a sort of pets, not the notorious procreation, dictated by the laws of nature. It should be understood that the child - is, primarily people - and the world perceived by this person. Therefore, the creation of the child has some sort of creation of the world. Becoming a parent, a person goes to a new level: to form as a person and to form their own worldview, it proceeds to the formation of a new identity and worldview, respectively. Consumer attitude to this kind of act of creation is strictly applicable.

Everyone decides for himself, or may not have, everyone decides for their offspring, or not to be. The question is, what is more valuable to humans: experience the incomparable feeling, creating a new man in the eyes and minds that will reflect the new world, or exchange the opportunity for independent life full of variety, but the smaller pleasures.

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