Can replace animal baby

Can replace animal baby
 Pet owners often give them so much attention, care and love that some observers say that they refer to them as their children. And part may seem so. All we've seen little old ladies, cut out with his meager pension money on goodies for their shaggy dogs or cats capricious. Or single women, affectionately speaking about his huge dog - "My son, my darling" and hurrying home from a date, because "son" should even walk.

Statistics show that in the year the Russians, for example, children spend more than $ 7 billion, and pet products - more than 1 billion. Big gap, but comparable.

Maybe it's true - Pet owners see their pets children? And some truth in this.

Pet helps to realize a sense of caring, love and tenderness that almost everyone of us. Parental feelings that people have for pet may wish to talk about love. Usually, however, people still see your cat or dog is not a child, but an animal. And if someone is deliberately trying to replace a child a pet, it says more about some tragic history of serious injury. It is known that sometimes a couple who lost a child, or for some reason can not give birth to it, transfers all my love (sometimes painful) in the dog. Or women with no current personal life see the cat replacement unborn son or daughter. But it's still a sad exception.

Quite often the animals are in good families with children. Dog or cat is just another member of the family, which is cared for and loved both adults and children. And children, as we know, are often the initiators of the appearance of animals in the house.

Unconditional and sincere love of animals to their owners - that is often the main motivating reason for the institution of an animal, and taking care of him, sometimes funny side - is grateful for the positive emotions that gives pet.

Desire for love, especially in lost childhood - is a powerful motivator for many people. Looking at how some pet owners coddled and play with them, you can guess that they realize their childhood fantasies when so wanted a dog or cat, and my parents could not or would not allow. People are too much to do for themselves. And pampering their pets, they often indulge your inner child who wants to feel like a major, loved and loving.

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