Tricks of the modern woman

Tricks of the modern woman
 Such a vast arsenal guard of female beauty and youth we have not had more than ever. It features lovely ladies - countless clothing stores, fitness clubs, beauty salons and cosmetic batteries. Over all, of course, can not keep up, but a few rules to remember is necessary.
 When you, as a little girl, accompanied by her mother during her regular shopping, you will surely not help but wonder why this process each time became longer and longer is. It would seem that here would take the jacket, put on this skirt - and order. And only reached my mother's age, we understand what made her so fascinating shopping trips.

In 20 years, you can still wear torn jeans and a shapeless T-shirt and go quietly into the street. In the 35 and later it will be look somewhat out of place and too sloppy. In this age comes more careful approach to the selection of clothing as well as to the selection of cosmetics. Unfortunately, after 35 years each following year only active ports female beauty. But the desire to comply with the internal appearance of age, only increases. But the woman would not be a woman, if this is not the case in store saving a couple of tricks.

First of all, you need to quietly take their number of years as a reality and not try to prove the opposite by means of "attributes" corresponding to a carefree youth. Give yourself the message that you have already grown up and self-sufficient woman, and not reckless student who is allowed to roam in improper short skirt and a T-shirt with Mickey Mouse. Now your bet in clothes - elegance. Elegant visual thing will make you younger, while frivolous clothes only emphasize your age its awkwardness.

Youth is often considered synonymous with harmony. Hiding weaknesses, highlighting the advantages and visually lengthening own figure, you will also show others (and yourself) younger than his years. Your main assistant in this case - heels, pants with a slight flare from the hip or tight pants arrow strictly midi-length for skirts and dresses, fitted or tight-fitting top (not to be confused with a tight-fitting).

An important role in the visual rejuvenation plays and color of your clothes. For example, a plain outfit lengthen the silhouette and the bright thing to help you lose a couple of unnecessary years. However, this does not mean that of bright colors in your image to forget. Remember that saturated colors make your face fresh. The main thing is not to overdo it - a maximum of one thing rich colors in one set. Otherwise risk becoming a carnival character. It is important to note that include dark things in your wardrobe need as little as possible. Besides the fact that in them you begin to look darker, they instantly make all the wrinkles on your face visible.

Rejuvenates clothes - it is certainly good and right, but this is only half the battle. Rejuvenating "clothing" and need your skin, which after 35 years is included in the phase albeit not quite active, but aging. It loses its elasticity, becomes more receptive to what you eat, what cosmetics use, and even as it often happens in the sun. Pick the most suitable day and night cream for daily use. Better if its components are more natural than chemical.

This not only meets the requirements of the cosmetics Israeli company DeSheli. Take, for example, daily moisturizer Crystal Youth Anti Age. In addition to chamomile, calendula and wheat germ, which have long established themselves as excellent natural antioxidants in its composition have smart crystals that prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. In addition, the cream reduces exposure to harmful solar rays on the skin and has the protection of SPF 15. A deeper facial provides phyto-night cream DeSheli. Its composition is even more powerful: extract, jojoba oil, shea butter, ginseng root extract, beeswax and vitamin E. Do not be surprised if after a few weeks of use, you will wake up one day and your child will ask you to go shopping, because the elegant things you are old and it is time again to buy frivolous outfits.

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