How to return a breast shape after childbirth

How to return a breast shape after childbirth
 The birth of a baby - the most beautiful phenomena in nature and most important mission of women. Pregnancy, childbirth and breast filled with joy and spiritual euphoria. However, do not forget about the physical harmony of the female body. And the most insidious enemies in this regard - the appearance of stretch marks and sagging breast shape.
 After childbirth and breastfeeding cessation, it is likely a loss of form of the bust. During pregnancy, increased iron lactation constant flow of milk also makes breasts bigger, stretching the skin as possible. As a result, after a woman stops breastfeeding, milk is not produced and the mammary gland becomes former size, the skin is unable to accept the "original position".

The fact that when stretched, the skin loses its elasticity. The cells may be new, but it is often already available increased several times. This is what happens when rapid weight gain, a sharp increase in forms that naturally during pregnancy and lactation. However, if you follow a few rules, you can minimize the "residual effects" in the form of unsightly stretch marks and sagging breast shape.

1. From the very early stages of pregnancy is necessary to wear a supportive bra and with an increase in breast size should be changed and the size of the laundry.

2. Continued use of Cream, mitigating. Apply care products soft, gentle massage.

3. Apply a douche with warm and cool water (taking into account the fact that the breast during this period is extremely sensitive, you should not get involved in extreme temperature changes).

4. When feeding, lactation if there is a strong need to express breast milk more often.

5. Very carefully monitor the addition of milk in the breast. Carefully consider the recipes, traditional methods. Sometimes young mom wants to improve the quality of breast milk for their crumbs (for example, an increase in fat content, salinity, fortification, etc.). And in the course are all the tips, including which are aimed at adding milk, which is not necessary.

Finally, if the stretch is still there, you need to start as early as possible cosmetic procedures, the use of special drugs to address this shortcoming. Early treatment ensures a more efficient and faster results. And when the milk has ceased to act, you can immediately proceed to the gym with dumbbells, push-ups, simulators for the chest muscles. A few months of regular exercise will help restore vitality and buy a beautiful tightened form.

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