As "apple" to find the waist

As "apple" to find the waist
 Oh, apple, where do you katishsya. These words are not just told myself any woman with the figure of the type "apple", once again opening the refrigerator after six o'clock in the evening. No matter how much was indignant injustice of nature, and all eaten in these women is delayed in the place where there should be waist. But the situation is not hopeless. Waist could and should fight!  

What is the figure-apple? This deposition of fat on the abdomen, sides and back. With vigorous weight gain increases breast, growing double chin, but the buttocks and legs are thin. In addition, doctors say that women with a figure of this type of risk to earn diabetes and fat deposits in the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.

Of course, this figure - not a final judgment. You can still change, but the struggle will be hard and stubborn.
First of all, forget about fad diets, "Kremlevka" Atkins diet and so on. Digestion women-apples and so slow, these diets will only aggravate the situation and lead to constipation and swelling.

Do not try to torture yourself with hunger, diet pills and cleansing enemas! Pounds back in duplicate and bring with them digestive problems, which have already been discussed above.

Precautions drink alcohol, take care of the liver, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body. In addition, fat metabolism gives the alcohol, which, in turn, promotes weight gain.

Now write down: the right diet for women apples - is the use of large amounts of fiber. Do not handle the sharp restriction of calories, better give up the fat, leaving only low-fat dairy products, vegetable oils and oily fish. Ideal fasting days for "apples" - vegetable and fruit.

Now a few words about the sport, without which slimming and shaping waist impossible. Do not think that the case be limited to some abdominal exercises. Necessary to carry out aerobic session to burn all the fat. Aerobics or shaping supplement weight training, you can go to the gym, of course, need to be engaged under the supervision of a trainer.

Bodyflex and Pilates will help to develop the muscles and tighten the abdomen. Belly dance, in contrast, can only make it more rounded. Of course, do not forget about the back. The development of the back muscles depends posture and waist.

Do not neglect the beauty treatments. Your task - to improve circulation and provide nutrients to the tissue. You can do this massage and mesotherapy, if possible. Check the condition of the skin on the breast, contrasting douche, do not wear tight underwear.

Most importantly, take your time. Need to set up a long-term hard work. Regular exercise and diet change zhenschinu- "apple", but do not expect that tomorrow you wake up with a wasp waist instead of the usual tummy.

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