All varieties of hair removal: pros and cons

All varieties of hair removal: pros and cons
 Hair removal gives a lot of trouble, especially in the summer. Of the many methods of hair removal is necessary to choose his own, in which case you will feel more comfortable.

The easiest and most painless way - a shave. From a young age, many girls begin to remove unwanted hair with a razor. Hair removal razor is good because it does not take long and not too irritating to the skin. The disadvantage is that the hair begins to grow very quickly. Already after 5-6 hours of smooth legs no trace remains, so have to shave your legs often to achieve the desired result. Today there are many types of razors, their price ranges from 30 to 500 rubles.

Remove unwanted hair from the body can be using the epilator. This procedure is very painful in contrast to the usual shaving legs. After hair removal epilator skin irritation may occur, so it is always necessary to use a special cooling cream. Also, this process takes a long time, since it is necessary to pull out every hair. Advantage is that the structure of the hair after the hair removal is exhausted, they start to grow less. Over time, the removal which requires less and less. Buying epilator will cost you 2-3 thousand rubles.

The following method of hair removal - a wax strips. Unlike the epilator it is not as expensive. Wax strips can be purchased at almost any cosmetic shop, they cost about 300-500 rubles. Sold as a set. Hair removal using wax strips is also a very painful procedure. In contrast to this appliance, wax strips remove a few hairs at once, but the pain from this does not become smaller. After this procedure, there is a possibility of irritation to the skin, so you need to use special creams. After hair removal wax strips the same thing happens that after epilation. Hairs are exhausted and begin to grow much less.

 The next way - a way of hair removal using a depilatory cream. Cream can be purchased in any cosmetic shop. Its price varies from 50 to 500 rubles. This method is good because it is completely painless, and the hair after it grow slower than after the razor. Worse, he that can cause an allergic reaction. During the application should strictly follow the instructions. After using depilatory is also recommended to smear the skin nourishing and regenerating cream.

The next method of hair removal - a photo-epilation. This is the most expensive of all the proposed methods. This procedure takes place in beauty salons, it costs about 2 thousand and above. This is its biggest drawback. Hair after this procedure is much less begin to grow, and eventually you can from them and did get rid of.

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