Vintage: well forgotten fashionable

Vintage: well forgotten fashionable
 Things from "my grandmother's trunk" or vintage, are increasingly becoming the focus of today's fashionistas. All "well forgotten", often not lost its relevance today. "The newly fashionable" become not only the individual parts and accessories, but also the whole collection of costumes and things.

The charm of vintage things familiar to those who are truly passionate about the idea of ​​return "forgotten old." Many details of the collections of previous years, are as relevant as ever. This is probably typical of all that once was created with love.

Vintage collectibles, occupation rather complicated. As a rule, people who collect things are passionate about any one epoch. Finding these works of art is not easy, but the more valuable finds.

Do not think that the things whose age is measured in tens or even hundreds of years, are fit only for museums. Fashion - girl capricious. Sometimes it trends back to us from the distant past. It was then, and can be useful to women of fashion vintage collection.

Increasingly open vintage boutiques, driven in clothing and accessories created many years ago. By choosing these dresses, it is important to know some details.

By purchasing clothes vintage, it must be remembered that age. One has only to buy things in a very good condition, since many of them will not be able to withstand dry cleaning and restoration. Of course, an ideal safety can only dream of. Many things have a natural silk lining, and it is most susceptible to "aging".

If you still need to restore the thing, in any case it is not necessary to take any action on their own. As a result of these manipulations, you can lose a rare piece. You must report only in specialized vintage shops. Alas, the best of them are only in Paris.

Enjoy a special love vintage gloves. Today is definitely not meet these gloves on the market. They live only in vintage stores. Many shops glove considered it good form - to make gloves hand.

The most charming vintage fashion accessory - veils. It requires a special approach. It is important to put her veil, achieving the desired position and the required number of folds. Hat decorated with such exquisite detail, can overshadow the surrounding toilets fashionistas.

Vintage requires reverent attitude. Keep things necessary in cotton covers. Once a lady came "out" in similar attire, it is necessary to carefully check all the fasteners, joints and small parts. Paying particular attention relates to the buttons. Indeed, in the case of loss, replacement will not be able to find them.

The most valuable things are costumes Chanel. Meet them pretty hard. Generally, a collection of vintage collections, it is - hard work.

"Hunters" for such rare instances, it may be advisable not to miss one such exhibition and sale. Being at home designers should go into each vintage shop even the most inconspicuous. You never know where you will meet the fruit of your dreams.

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