Trends: 7 reasons to fall in love with Fall

Trends: 7 reasons to fall in love with Fall
 What is autumn? Wet feet, cold, eternal gray rain, umbrella, the first frost, the beginning of the school year. Take a look at this season differently: there is always a reason to fall in love. Fall in love with autumn ...

Autumn stress, irritability, morning crush in public transport - all this does not have to melancholy contemplation of the universe and light sadness. But if you look closely, after a hot summer, autumn can be a real gift for those who can see the joy and grace around him.

1. Finally, you can put on the new beige coat and boots takes: bought a year ago, they've been waiting in the wings. Cool evenings - the cause of neck wrap bright scarf or shawl to buy a new spirit of "a la Russe". Autumn photos will long to please you in winter.

2. Autumn harvest: the abundance of fruits and vegetables accounted for September-October. This is the reason to stock up on vitamins for the entire year, invite your friends or go on arbuznik to her grandmother in the village for the weekend. Fun to do together harvesting vegetables and stewed.

3. Beautiful landscape. Another great Pushkin described the bright colors of the season with undisguised delight. Even if you're not a fan of exploring the golden sun-drenched alleys, rustling leaves and yellow flashes of the window give you the energy and strength to work in the office.

4. Best time to travel: if you did not leave in the summer, do not worry. In autumn, you can save considerably, as tour operators cut prices after most running summer months: July and August. Be careful: the abrupt change in climate is dangerous for the body. An alternative to Turkey and Egypt could become a favorite Levitan Ples or some cozy European capital.

5. Since September begins work in many educational institutions. It's time to learn something new: tango enroll or join the community of fans of silent films. If you are teaching some discipline, in the autumn, you have the opportunity to find students for a year.

6. In mid-September season opens in theaters and concert halls. Most often, the new season begins with a bright premieres. Do not miss your chance to join the art! In addition, almost all cities of Russia in the autumn festivals: contemporary art, theater, music ... If you prefer the beach in the summer, there will come the cool days of a visit to the cultural institutions.

7. Love: Autumn - this is probably the best season to fall in love seriously and permanently. Spring feelings are often caused by hormonal surges in the summer - romantic resort in the winter - it is necessary to ask in marriage, but in the autumn autumn ... you will finally be able to rest from the passions and understand, and with whom you want to spend a number of long evenings, wrapped in a blanket and sipping mulled wine.

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