Tights - hit of the season

 How, what and what to wear tights? After all, they are in this season - not "passive" addition to the outfit. They have become the dominant thing in the ensemble, article of clothing, which "support" to cheer your wildest experiments.  

Cozy warmth. Synthetics, nylon - well, that these fabrics at the time went out of fashion kolgotochnoy. Prefer soft Cotton, soft wool and other natural materials. In the cold in these tights is surprisingly comfortable, besides clothes will not be electrified.

Successful combinations. With knitted capes, knitted cardigans, wool dresses, shorts tweed, Cape, cashmere svitr-dresses, pick up the tone, thick tights will look amazing. If outerwear neutral - tights combine with gloves and scarves.

Volume. Opaque tights require massive shoes, boots bulky, thick heels.

Invoice. Woolen tights - woolen garments. Light skirts and transparent blouses are inappropriate here.

Tone.Match the color of tights was not a few shades paler (or brighter) the thing with the color which you combine them, otherwise it would seem that one of the components of the ensemble shed. Especially if this thing and tights of close texture of the material.

Saturation.Combining a variety of ornaments on tights with ornaments clothes, keep saturation pattern tights (strip, speck, flower, etc.) was quieter than the pattern of clothing. Otherwise, others will be dazzled, and aesthetics in such a combination is not visible.

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